Monday, August 30, 2004

Reason 1,666,034 Not to Vote For Bush

On one of the news channels this weekend, Ron Reagan was interviewing some guy on the streets of New York. He had a bicycle with a homemade contraption on the back end that sprayed messages on the sidewalk. I didn't catch the exact messages but I'm sure it was something about voting or voting against Bush or rocking the vote. The guy was calm; he looked very average and very sane. But during the interview, a few police officers interrupted taping to ask the guy for his ID. He was civil the whole time. First the police ask for back up. Then the back up asks for a Sergeant. Then the Sergeant asks for the Chief. After the Chief and about 10 of his cronies surround the scene, they decide to arrest the young protestor. They claim that he was seen spraying the sidewalk (which he was, but not during the taping of the interview) and that the spray paint was graffiti and not washable (according to the protestor, it is water soluble). They arrested him and took the bike into possession.
Um, yeah...see if I was a New Yorker, I'd be pissed that all that manpower and time was wasted to arrest one peaceful protestor. I'd be pissed that my tax dollars are going towards that shit rather than being used to solve real crimes such as murder, rape and robbery. I'd be real fucking angry that the CAPTAIN felt the need to come all the way downtown and arrest one person.
I am trying to figure out how one person could raise such a stink. Why was the police department so hard on him? What the hell happened to free speech?? Who is behind this and why? There is such as crack down on people voicing their opinion in this country. I really fear for this country if this has to go on for four more years!

The protestor's name is Josh Kinberg and his site is Bikes Against Bush.


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