Saturday, August 28, 2004

"We Are Siamese If You Please. We Are Siamese If You Don't Please."

My cat PrincessTG hates me. It’s official. When James and I stop rooming together, he'll petition the courts to move in with him and leave me with weekend visitations. I give him food, water, toys, treats and love and how does he repay me? By running to James and head butting him for attention. What am I, chopped dry food here? At least my other cat, Dandelion is a little more affectionate. He follows me from room to room on my days off but he too likes to stay just out of reach most of the time.

The latest thing is sleeping in the closet. Princess needs a quiet happy place to run to and for some reason he began snubbing the space under the bed and he moved in on top of the suitcases in the dark closet.
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Look closely at the suitcase. The top is covered in hair. I spent over an hour vacumming and lint rolling my suitcases for my trip next week. I pulled them out of the closet just so that I wouldn't have to clean them again. Boy did that piss Princess off! He's spent the last few mornings rolling around on the hallway floor, the couch, the bathroom mat and just acting like a displaced refugee or something. He just doesn't like when things are out of the norm and when objects are moved around.


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