Monday, September 13, 2004

Attack of the Chocolate Cravings

I really wanted a bite-sized little cubic inch 3 musketeers bar today. I had one when I walked into the office this morning. I allow myself one every once in awhile, especially on Monday's.

Then the cravings started again and they wouldn't go away.

"Awwh, come on!" I think, stamping my foot. "No! No! NO! Gotta be good. Gotta get through another week to lose one pound." I'm thinking this over and over again as I munch on my carrots at lunch.

(On a different topic- has anyone ever noticed how weird carrots taste? Like every cut-up carrot in the pre-packaged bunch has it's own unique taste. One or two carrots are really sweet and watery but then there are other bitter ones and some that are just so-so. Why the major inconsistency?)

Lunch comes and goes but the craving continues.

So fine. Just before my break, I get the idea that I can have that little itty-bitty piece of chocolate- if and ONLY IF, I spend my break bustin' my ass out in the parking lot doing laps.

So I did.
I walked ten minutes and burned 70 calories, which just happens to be the same amount of calories in one bite-sized bar. And it almost wasn't worth it. But the craving did go away....I think .


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