Thursday, September 09, 2004

Back To The Ol' Grind

Back to Oregon last night and trying to shake off the slight jet-lag I have. Already thinking ahead to school in two weeks (EEK!) and my new work schedule. Getting back to a more normal diet and that's always fun. I liked being on vacation and not worrying about exercise because I didn't have time to eat or veg out in front of the TV anyways. I didn't like having to make some of the food choices that I did (Panera Bread has Chai tea that rivals Oregon Chai but they serve it in a coffee mug so large that my two hands hurt from carrying it and don't get me started on how many carbs and calories it must have had).
My parent's scale is different from my own by about 3-4 pounds. I gave myself the one pound I didn't technically loose before leaving for vacation (to make an even 60 pounds lost) and I'm sure I lost weight because I found myself hungry at odd hours. I made a huge mistake by not eating enough before I got on my connecting flight in Las Vegas to Chicago. I was sick and woozy on the plane. The stewardess made me drink two glasses of orange juice. I was so nauseous I didn't even think about the carbs; I just really needed the sugar.
I weighed in at 210 throughout my vacation. I came home last night and weighed 214 but this morning after my hour and a half walk, I weighed 212. I'll definitely take that number as an official count. 61 pounds. That rocks!
My next two goals are to lose 2.5 pounds by 9/27 (first day of school) and a total of 12.5 pounds by 12/23 (my next trip home). That's like a pound a week and very attainable if you ask me! And that is the magic happy number too (199.5)! I can almost feel it. I will hit the 100's by the end of the year! It's weird though. I'm only 12.5 pounds away from that number and I know that my body won't drastically change in those next 12.5 pounds. I'm not going to look very different than I do now. It makes me wonder why I've always thought that 199.5 was going to be sooo wonderful? I will still be obese (by government standards...fuck 'em!) and I will still have lumps and a big tummy and upper butt fat. It won't be all that shocking. But I guess it's quite a change from 273 pounds.


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