Tuesday, September 28, 2004

"I Am So Totally Gonna Blog This!"

Knight Bench Posted by Hello

It was my first day back to school today. I took this picture while I was having lunch between classes. It's not very interesting. I was just munching away on my lunchables when I looked down and noticed the detail of the bench and the backdrop of the gravel ground. I thought, "What the hell?", and I snapped away.

Have you have had a moment where all you can think is you have to tell someone about it? Or you have to blog it? I had one of those moments during a class today. There's some sort of weird phenomenon here at the college. It seems like the more education that a teacher has, (i.e. a doctor as compared to a professor), the worse off they are when it comes to technology and using it. I have sat through many classes where the instructor is fumbling with the lights or the microphone or the projector. It's really annoying. I sit there and think "If this was me up there, giving a presentation, you'd lecture me and the whole class about being prepared and knowing my surroundings..." I just usually sit there and roll my eyes till they figure out the new fangled piece of technology or they give up. Today, one of my professors, a doctor by the way, was beginning his first lecture of the quarter. This lecture is held in a very large room and I'm guessing close to 200 students were in attendance. Like most instructors that use this lecture hall, he had two projectors that beamed art slides up on the very large wall. Most of my teachers have used a laser pointer when they need to zone in on something important. But not this guy. He pulled out a 9 foot high stick and whacked it up on the wall to highlight things. 9 feet tall. I am not making this up! It was so long that it wavered back and forth. I had such a difficult time listening to the lecture! I'm watching this massive stick move from side to side and I can't help but giggle. It's like we're in the dark ages or something. It’s a large stick! The entire class must have found it funny too because when he first pulled it out and ran it across the wall, there was this murmur wave that ran through the room, followed by some stifled giggles. I think everyone was just in amazement with this display. Worse, when he was just standing down in front, and not pointing to the slides, he would hold the stick at his side, vertically. It towered over him by more than 3 feet. I was completely fixated on this stick. I don't think I got very good notes in class today. All I could think was, "I am so totally blogging this when I get home!"


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