Thursday, September 09, 2004

I don't really understand...

why is it called campaigning when the candidate goes to hotels, rallies and convention centers only to be surrounded by supporters and he isn't asked any real questions and he doesn't have to face people that want some real answers??!? How is THAT campaigning?

It isn't, is it?

I mean, isn't the whole point of campaigning to get out there and urge people to vote for you that might not already or are undecided? What are you accomplishing by only speaking (and making sign a "loyalty oath") to those that already love you and are going to vote for you come hell or high water? You aren't changing anyone's mind about you. Only sound bites of your speeches get on the news. Why is it deemed so important if you aren't reaching most of the public?

It seems rather ridiculous to me but of course I don't understand politics myself.


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