Friday, September 10, 2004


My vacation was so wonderful.
I have so many people to thank for it!

Here goes, in no particular order:

Thanks Mom.
For putting up with me. And buying me all those clothes. And taking me back to the stores when I changed my mind. Thanks for buying me lunch and taking me to the grocery store and making me dinner (and not complaining when I didn't have an appetite). Thanks for telling me that I look better than I did at Christmas. Thanks for making the beautiful champagne brunch food. Thanks for letting me rummage through your jewelry drawer. And taking in my favorite shirts so they don't look like tents on me anymore. Thanks for giving me a hug when I was upset. Thanks for taking all that time off from work to be around.

Thanks Dad.
For making the yard beautiful for the party. For letting me mow the lawn (why didn't you have me do it as a kid, I don't know, cause I really enjoy doing it). Thanks for spending time with me even though we didn't make it out to Devil's Lake or anywhere really spectacular. Thanks for making the house beautiful (along with mom). Thanks for the parfait dessert you made. And most of all, thanks for telling me that you're proud of me. It was unexpected but it really made my vacation.

Thanks Jessica.
For picking me up at the airport in the middle of the freakin' night! Thanks for having me over to your house for dinner (damn, girl, you can really cook!!). Thanks for running around with me and hanging out at the Taste of Madison. Thanks for buying me lunch. Most of all, thanks for trying to make me feel better about the crap we put up with on Saturday night (some people have no manners!).

Thanks Ellen.
For hanging out at the Taste of Madison with me (just because I didn't like the food, didn't mean that I didn't have a good time). Thanks for introducing me to Colin (You're right, he's a really good guy for you and I think you and he will do really well together...not to mention you two look so cute together...let's hear it for real adult relationships! Hip-hip-Hooray!). Thanks for spending time with me. Thanks for your compliments.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Champagne Brunch.
Aunt Joyce, it was so nice to see you and the bouquet of roses are beautiful!
Grandma, you didn't need to give me that bracelet, but thank you for it and I already bought some of my own charms to add to it.
Aunt Sonia and Uncle Tom, it was so nice to see you and I am glad that you both are okay in spite of the accident. Buford is so cute; I've never seen ears that long on a dog before!
Judy, it was very nice to see you again. You’re just part of the family by now...well, it's been that way as long as I can remember.
It was very nice to see all the neighbors that I haven't seen in years.

Thank Yous to the Kiley’s.
Thank you for having me over for dinner. Thanks for not raising an eyebrow when I didn't finish my plate (the food was absolutely delicious...I couldn't eat fast enough). Thanks for taking our pictures for us. Happy Birthday Nana! It's always good to have you around for another year!

Thanks Ben.
You know exactly what for too. The book was beautiful (I didn't realize till I looked again, but you're really good at drawing. How come I've never seen you do that much before?). Thanks for taking me shopping, driving around with me and getting a bite to eat. Thanks for making me watch Donnie Darko. Thanks for making me feel better about myself. Thanks for still caring about me after all this time. Thanks for the s'mores (okay, so they weren't real but who cares?). Thanks for not getting mad when I so rudely assessed your cleaning abilities (I could tell that you cleaned the kitchen and bathroom). Thanks for just every single thing you did. It made every moment a thousand times better.

Thanks James.
For taking care of the kitties (you're just a can opener to them but you're my favorite froomie!). For driving me up to Portland and driving back again through rush hour traffic. Thanks for coming into the airport to get me.

And finally, Thanks Toby.
Your rudeness did not make me angry (as it might have done in the past). It only propelled me to continue on the path that I am going down. And it confirmed to me that I am a changed person. In the face of such meanness, I only feel sorry for you (if you are in fact on drugs or pussy-whipped by your girlfriend or looking for some payback of some kind) and I only hope that your kind heart still exists deep inside somewhere. I hope that someday, it isn't like this between us.

THANKS to everyone whom I saw and spent time with. I'm already planning my Christmas vacation and I can't wait to see everyone again!


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