Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Well, I've Been A Little Preoccupied Lately

I've been so busy shooting everything in my world that I haven't had a chance to sit and write an honest-to-god post that's more than a few sentences long.

I guess the first thing to talk about would be the diet.

It's a four-letter word and right now I'm okay with that. I've kinda given up the last week or so. My motivation has evaporated ever since I got home from vacation. I was living for that vacation every day this summer and walking every step to get one step closer to home. Now that it's all over, I'm sort of spent. I needed a little break. I didn't really recharge during my vacation. I ate pretty well, got lot's of exercise in (if you count shopping all day as exercise), and didn't have much of a chance to just sit on my tush. My Froomie (see: friend+roommate) was gone on vacation since the 10th and for some reason that gave me license to sort of pig-out and ignore the exercise. I had very good intentions, before he left, I bought lots of vegetables and planned on a long week of workouts but it just didn't end up that way. He got home yesterday and we ended up getting pizza and cookies. Carb City USA, baby. All the way. But that's okay. I need that unbridled restriction every once in awhile. I'm ready to get back to eating right. I hope the Froomie is ready to start cooking his delicious dinners for us again.

Let's see...what else is there?

I discovered a new smoothie at PC Market. It's called a Wildwood Soy Smoothie. It's made with organic soymilk, and lots of organic fruits. It has 15 net carbs, which isn't as good as Snapple's One-A-Day smoothies but it does have a really creamy taste to it. The Snapple version is very watery. I'm willing to pay 50 cents more for the better version. And I'm willing to walk off a few more carbs too.

I'm all ready for classes to begin next week. I like my schedule and I'm happy that I can now work "just" 25 hours a week instead of the 30 that I had to do last semester to qualify for the health insurance plan at work. I hope to have more "me" time. I also signed up for the beginning photography class too. Black and white, 35 mm, reviewing all the important aspects and techniques, also with full access to a's gonna be sweet!

Oh, and I planned to vote all along but now I know that it's even more important. My Froomie's best friend and wife are planning to vote for Bush so our votes will have to cancel out theirs. I don't really understand how any family that is having a hard time making ends meet (and isn't that much of America?!) and faces the possibility of losing fathers, sons, brothers, husbands to a draft, oh and also has to do crazy things such as buy drugs from Canada or get only a few members of the family covered under health plans because it's too expensive not to mention work for less money at Taco Hell or Discount-Mart now that the trend is to move jobs planning to vote for Bush? I don't want to get into the whole religious thing but seriously, there is a better way than this. If there is a God (and I'm not saying that there is or isn't) wouldn't God want everyone to be healthier and safer and have enriched, more meaningful lives? What's meaningful about having to work 60 hours a week just to get by? We need to have better national standards than this, people! I'm not saying John Kerry is the answer, but I think someone else needs to take over and try to get this country turned around. I think we are headed down a dangerous path and the longer that Bush is in power, the more damage that will have to be undone down the line.

Ok, that's my rant for tonight.


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