Monday, October 18, 2004


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One of my classes, Western Architecture, is covering buildings from Ancient Egypt to the Gothic period. I have a list of 100 vocabulary words to learn. One of them is arcade which can be "a series of arches with their columns or piers".

Let's see.....
my weight is stalled at the moment. I am at 212. That's not all that bad considering how hectic my life has become in the last month. While I'd like to hit my goal of 199.5 by the end of the year, I am learning to be realistic and I don't think it's possible right now unless I focus more on that aspect at the risk of something else going to the back burner. It's ok. I am happy just learning to eat healthy. I really enjoy food that sustains me throughout the day and doesn't leave me feeling lethargic after a few hours. I am not following Atkins perfectly but I'm not eating gobs of bread or pasta either. I like my fruit and trail mix and gold fishies (no trans fat!) and I do the best I can.


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