Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Curled Tail

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TG is a lumpy, plumpy, lazy cat. He doesn't like to race around the apartment like Daniel. He's unable to climb up to the top of the bookcase and watch over us pitiful humans down below. He prefers eating and sleeping (preferably at the same time) to any other activites. He's just a big ol' lounge cat.

Even so, I am finding it increasingly hard to get a good candid shot of him. He only sits still when my camera is not pointed his way. The minute my camera is turned on, he's hyperactive and pissy towards me.

When and if he does stop long enough to let me get a clear shot of him, like when he's tired of being chased around, he'll plop down and just stare at me with this look that says "You, my dear, will never, ever understand my complex cat mind." Although sometimes he looks as if he's trying to figure out how to off me. Will it be by tripping? Clawing and scratching? How about leaving the cupboard doors open for me to trip over?

*Sigh* Even still, he's just too cute to get rid of. He's damn lucky that he's so soft and adorable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've just described my cat Cookie! Hehe, can't hate the brats so we just gotta love them. And that is an incredibly cute photo (the last black & white one). Although the shapes in the tail one are really interesting. :) 30 blurry, mouth open, eye squinty, head turned away pictures... just to get that one purrrfectly adorable one.

4:43 PM  
Blogger punkindunkin said...

ok, so other people have cats with similar traits. That makes me feel better. I thought I had such weird cats. I thought it was something I was doing or not doing at all that was affecting their behavior. I never had cats before them.
I am curious if anyone has a cat that likes to sniff or lick paper and plastic bags. Tg has this weird fetish about paper and plastic. I have a cupboard filled with walmart bags (cause I get 20 each time I go there...the clerks fill each bag with about 6 cans of cat food..go figure) and he likes to pull each one out, sniff it, lick it and then get in the cupboard and sleep with a few. And Daniel, he likes to lick potato chips, anything really salty, but he never eats the chip or cracker. I didn't know cats had a thing for salt.

5:02 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Cookie doesn't care for bags, but Khalua is crazy for them, she loves sitting on, in or under them. She doesn't lick them, but she does lick this one linty blanket - I think she's trying to nurse on it because she was orphened (and therefore weaned) too young. A friend's cat has a fetish for Del Taco & Taco Bell bags. He sticks his head in and runs around like that, frequently into walls. All my kitties love to eat chips and crackers, and tomato stuff (pasta sauce, salsa, etc.) and pop tarts, and dairy stuff, among other things. Cats are just generally weird, and they all have their own likes, dislikes and quirks. I don't know if that means that they're all sane or all crazy. :)

5:01 PM  

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