Saturday, October 09, 2004

A Life In Pictures

Horizon Posted by Hello

I traveled home this past weekend for my Uncle's funeral. I went out to my Aunt's house is an attempt to help out during this sad time. I often felt like I was in the way or I was saying the wrong thing or I wasn't doing enough for my Aunt and cousins. There were a few times where I felt that all I could do was the dishes. I didn't know where to begin to help the family. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what to say. Sometimes, there are no words that seem fitting. Sometime it seems like nothing can be made right or whole again.

There were a few moments, however where I felt a close connection to everyone around me as I learned about my uncle's life. One of those moments was when we sat down to piece together some picture boards for display at the funeral home. I didn't know my uncle very well at all, but the stories and the pictures that were shared, gave me a better sense as to who he was. I watched my Aunt pull out album after album, picture after picture and memento after memento to share. So many little stories were shared about his life and the life that the family has together. There were tons of pictures from throughout his life. He was a professional photographer who shot weddings and portraits along with beautiful vacation and family photos. There were pictures of my cousins on their first day of school each year. There were photos of painted Easter eggs, carburetors on the kitchen table, goofy wedding pictures, birthday celebrations and doggies throughout the years.

I walked away from those few hours of sharing, laughter and tears and realized that every photo, every homemade gift is something to be cherished. These items, along with all the memories will make up the fabric of one's life. These pieces of life will come to be cherished and prized while trophies, money, and expensive knickknacks will all pale in comparison. The best things in life are always shared with others and nothing can be shared again and again like a memory.


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