Wednesday, November 03, 2004

By Popular Demand...Photos Of Me

No, not really any demand.
But someone did ask to see a picture of me. Course, it was from the inner circle of special people in my life and they all actually LIKE to look at me. Go Figure.


© Punkin Dunkin Productions

Someone took these photos for me and the camera was acting up and I was feeling ugly they aren't the best photos. Maybe someday I can stand in front of a camera and feel really good about any photo that's captured.


© Punkin Dunkin Productions

Skinny Me!!

© Punkin Dunkin Productions

This is interesting. It's very blurry but I believe it to be a ghost of my future self with the skinnier body. Cool Beans. I'm gonna be there soon baby! I have "only" 50 pounds to go.


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