Friday, November 05, 2004

I Have Been Grappling With The Results Of The Election

My main question always begins with "How did this happen?” When I begin to answer this, (in my not so intelligent and angry inner-voice), I always say that it was the damn "bible-thumpers" that did it. The damn UNEDUCATED bible-thumpers that weren't paying attention to all the facts of the last four years and chose to vote based on "moral values".


What the fuck is moral about denying a couple in love, the right to marry? Why did half of the country see fit to take a GIGANTIC leap backwards in our country and write discrimination back into state law??? Why don't we just get it over with and go back to Jim Crow Laws along with denying women the right to vote?!? Better yet, just go all the way back to the days of slavery... cause I don't see a damn difference here people. I really don't. And if I could bet on this, I'll bet the Christian God doesn't see the fucking point either.

What Would Jesus Do?

I mean, seriously ask yourself that. Wasn’t he the guy that hung out with lepers and those in poverty, those judged by everyone else and didn’t he love everyone no matter what?? Would he have thought discrimination in any form was acceptable??

Morality my ass…

It’s fear and the uneducated masses that decided this election.

I am proud to be able to say to my children some day that I voted for fairness over bigotry and intolerance and for good over evil. Even though evil won over good this time, it isn’t the end of the fight. I have peace knowing that someday, the world will be made right again. I also have peace knowing that my morals are more Christian than the Christians out there who voted Bush and fear and narrow-mindedness. Humph!


Blogger Iowa Democrat said...

Your sentiments on the election are mine exactly!
Who in their right mind wants a mindless goon like
Bush for a president. If you can figure out that one,
let me know!
I am 70 years old, living alone, and worry about
my 30 year old daughter with 3 kids, how she is
going to live in a country that does not value work,
depressing wages to the point that we will soon be
in a real depression. Who is going to buy all the
stuff made in China if no one has any money?
Soon, very soon, the dollar will crash on the
international market and we will have foreign
companies making stuff here!
Here is hoping the people wake up in 2006 and 2008!

4:44 AM  

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