Monday, November 15, 2004


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Dandelion went to the vet on Saturday. It's his "once every two years trip because mommy can't stand to listen to him howl all the way there and all the way home" visit. That cat is a screamer! People stop and stare cause they think I'm killing him. I have to drown his yelling in the car with the radio but he just gets louder when he thinks I'm not listening to him. Where is the technology for the Star Trek transporter when you need it?
He's been itching himself little bare spots all over his body (his nickname is now patches) for a few months. His belly, ankles and face are the most tore up. I had to photoshop out the worst scabs on his face for this close up. You can kind of see some pink areas if you look closely.
The doctor determined it's not a bug (TG doesn't have it either, so that wouldn't make sense for one to have mites and not the other). She thinks it's an allergic reaction to something, either food or a cleaning product. She gave him a pill prescription for prednisone to calm the itching. I hope this helps.
The doctor asked if there had been any changes in the house lately. I couldn't think of anything till I got home. We added Gain fabric sheets to the laundry. It doesn't seem like a big deal until you consider that Dandelion is a laundry cat. Always, ALWAYS on the laundry or a blanket or a pillow. He rubs all over the warm laundry when it first comes out of the dryer. He sleeps in laundry baskets on top of clean or dirty laundry. I bet anything that he's allergic to Gain. I can't say I'm broke up about it, I wasn't too impressed with the smell of Gain anyway. I'm going to experiment and see if it's just the Gain or if it's all laundry detergents and scents. If it is, I'll have to go back to using Arm'n'Hammer non-scented detergent. Hopefully this is an easy fix to an itchy problem. I can't photograph him until the hair grows back in. He deserves to look his best.


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