Monday, November 08, 2004


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Here comes another Monday! I'm not very fond of them. Besides the whole fact that I have to go 5 days without a day off, Monday's suck twice as much because the phone lines at work are busy all day. There is no time to catch your breath. It's phone call after phone call. In a 10 hour day, I usually take 175 calls. Half the time, the calls are about things that could have been completed over the automated system, but hey, can't complain cause it does keep us in business and I'm guaranteed a job.

And I'm pretty sure that my job isn't going overseas. One of our collections offices started a center in India. You wanna piss off your customers? Have people with very little English skills call up American customers that are behind on payments to demand payment. It would be funny if more people weren't so pissed. That center has received the most complaints and it's easy to see why. The number one complaint is that the agents are not speaking clearly enough. I have to imagine that upper management has learned from this and decided against moving the whole call center operation overseas.


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