Wednesday, January 05, 2005

You've Got Food, Right?

©Punkin Dunkin Productions

©Punkin Dunkin Productions

This is Boo. She's a Jack Russell. She has this insatiable appetite for playing ball, fetching her ball, making you play with her and throwing her ball back and forth for hours on end. She's really good at making you feel guilty for having food and not sharing with her. She's hyper and she jumps up and down to get your attention (just like the commercial a few years back where the lady says "Oh, they are only like that the first 8 years or so...” If I could have switched her with a stuffed dog at my aunt's house, which probably would not have gone unnoticed :), and smuggled her on the plane, she'd be here now. Unfortunately, I had to come home to two cats that weren't exactly thrilled to see me. They just wanted food...and Daniel felt the need to chew me out for leaving him at the vet's for a whole week. Poor Baby.


Blogger Jessie said...

awww adorable! My doggy is half JRT and looks somewhat like her. I have a soft spot for doggys :-)

8:40 PM  

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