Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Yes, Mummy and Daddy, I am still alive!

Every time I speak to my parents, I hear about how I haven't updated my blog. "Are you still alive?" they whine. Well excuse me... I'm tryin' to get a freakin' education here. I don't have time to take pictures, Photoshop them, and post them in between the tests, long papers and math problems I have to do every week. This semester is kicking my ass! Half the time I'm not sure what day it is, or what my name is. It’s any wonder that I'm getting the grades that I am!


Recent grades for 440 Land Use and Growth Management Class
Item Name--------Grade-----Points Possible-----Class Average
Quiz 1-----------45--------------50----------------43.27
Assignment 1-----49--------------50----------------37.86
Assignment 2-----93--------------100---------------88.57

As you can see, I have gotten high grades and I am above the class average every time. So off my back! :)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to writing my 10 page paper (plus power point slides and annotated bibliography) about urban infill and how it relates to the Smart Growth principle of "fostering distinctive, attractive communities with a strong sense of place." It's thrilling stuff.... no, really it is.

Maybe I can get back to the photos in summer or possibly next semester. But that depends on my class schedule and whether I take 12 or 16 credits.



Blogger Michael Moore said...

Sorry you're feeling so overwhelmed. I bet your parents are proud of how you're doing in school. I know I've enjoyed seeing your best photos and clever (sometimes) writing. I bet everyone is willing to give you plenty of latitude to post things that are not quite so steller, knowing that school is hard work if you do as well as you are. Hope you can give yourself the same latitude everyone is is willing to give you. Hearing from/amount you is good enough for now, without the excellent photos and prose. Photos like the just-posted one looking north through the library window are just icing on the cake! :-)

8:13 AM  

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