Sunday, May 22, 2005


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Blogger Alder said...

There's a saying that great art conceals its artistry. However, there are probably more exceptions to that rule than the rule itself. I.e., there are many great paintings (Van Gogh, for example) that show the brush strokes, many sculptures where the potter deliberately leaves her fingerprints in the clay. There's something to be said for art that tells the story of its making.

That said, I notice that you are doing a lot more "darkroom" (i.e. photoshop) playing with your images of late. (And I use the term "playing" in a positive sense--I know a college prof who taught photography who always used that expression). Interesting effects, and generally strong images, but I like your less touched-up ones better. You have a good eye with the camera. Don't hide it in computer effects all the time. Once in a while is fine.

When will you do more photos of yourself?

4:16 PM  
Blogger punkindunkin said...

I'll post more photos when I like how I look. With the stress of school, I haven't had the time or effort to work out really hard like last summer. I'm slowly working back up to getting an hour or more of exercise a day. When I do, and I see results, I'll post them.

7:50 AM  

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