Thursday, July 14, 2005

One Foot Forward

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I had enough time to fit in a five mile walk again this morning, visit the Knit Shop in south Eugene and get pulled over by a EPD cop before I got to work today.

Here's a little shout-out to the nice policeman that pulled me over:
Yes, I know you have a job to do and I applaud you for it. Yes, I know that I broke the law by doing a rolling stop through the stop sign (according to you). Yes, you could have written a $237 ticket to me for that infraction, thanks for just warning me instead. Just one question, why are you watching for relatively minor traffic violations on a relatively minor road in South Eugene when I see people breaking the law all over town? You could have been on I-5 or the beltline when some jackass weaves in and out of traffic lanes dangerously close to other drivers for what seems like the umpteenth time this week. You could have been on 7th Avenue and watched some F.O.P. (read Fucking Old Person) nearly cause several accidents with his 10 mile per hour driving speed and inexplicable need to slam on his breaks every quarter of a mile (I don't know if it's against the law to be a scary/dangerous/overly cautious driver...but it should be. Are these people getting their licenses from Cracker Jack boxes??). You could have even been in Jefferson Park and watched a couple of teenage hoodlums accost several innocent bikers and walkers just trying to enjoy their morning. But thanks again for choosing to stop me. Lord knows I learned my lesson. At least until you were out of range and I could continue on my merry way, rolling through quiet and seldom used intersections.

I am not a law breaker. Let me rephrase that: I am not someone who gets caught often breaking the law. I’ve been stopped a few times in my life but only once have a received a ticket. I think it’s my sweet smile and fucking lovely disposition that gets me off most of the time. ;)


Blogger rebecca marie said...

great picture... it's amazing how fragile he looks (i don't know why it looks like a boy to me.).

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