Sunday, July 17, 2005

Take me out to the ballgame!

All Photographs © Punkin Dunkin Productions

Okay, so I lied…but just a little. I really am going to put the blog on vacation but first I decided to post some pics from the Eugene Emerald's game last night. I was dragged to the ballpark to see what I consider one of the most insipid sports ever created. I'm not sure which is more boring- playing the game or watching it. I just can’t imagine ever becoming a fan of this game. Of course I had to take my camera along, if only to stay awake during the lengthy nine innings. I asked Tudeskii how long we would be staying and he stated “Well, there are nine innings so…” and I replied “I know how many innings there are, I want to know how long we’ll be here!” I finally dragged him out of the park at the bottom of the seventh, with the promise of Dairy Queen. Checking the scores this morning, it looks like we missed the only exciting part- Boise came back strong in the 9th and won 12 to 7.

It seems like every hometown sport has its hardcore fans. This guy was all decked out head to toe in Ems gear and whenever the team took to the field, he waved his flag with such gusto and yelled so loudly that you'd think he felt personally responsible for the team's performance. It's as if his enthusiasm had some sort of weight for the outcome of the game. I'm thankful I wasn’t there to see his reaction to the final score.

We had general admission tickets and arrived to the park a little later than we thought so I didn't get the best pictures I could have. I spent half the night drooling over this media guy's setup and his position on the field.


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