Monday, July 25, 2005

Union Station

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This is the train station in downtown Portland, known as Union Station. The building is nearly 110 years old. The Italian renaissance styled building was renovated 10 years ago and the interior is as exciting, if not more, than the exterior.

Unfortunately, this is only one of two shots I captured. Our class would have spent a little more time studying the building, but just off camera there was a scuffle going on between Portland police and a transient. It involved a tazer gun and I'll let you figure out who won. I’ve never seen someone get shocked before. It looks highly painful. You’d think the guy would have learned his lesson but he didn’t. We left the building rather quickly and stood outside the entrance, planning our day, when soon enough the scuffle spilled outdoors. The transient was being hauled off to jail but not before he lunged at officers once more and got zapped again. Whatever was upsetting him was enough for him to take a couple of rounds of shocks to calm him down. We left before we could see the resolution. Nothing like a little excitement on our first day in Portland!


Blogger Torrid said...

unfortunately, the likeliest answer is meth. It makes you feel a little invincible, kind of like PCP.

Great pictures, by the way.

10:09 AM  
Blogger tabitha jane said...

i love union station for the memory of picking my lover up one day as his train pulled in from his cross country ride from tennessee . . . *sigh*

11:24 AM  

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