Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Petting Zoo

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Sometimes I'm surprised by the outcome of a particular shot. I took this picture, not thinking that I was getting anything special. I fiddled around with it in Picasa today and was struck by his eye- the color and all the expression surrounding it. I moved the image to Photoshop, employed some dodging and burning techniques as well as desaturation of everything but the actual eye color. I really like the final result. He's just a goat in a petting zoo...but here, somehow he seems like something more. He has a look about him that I can't quite get over.

Sometimes the photograph just tells me what it wants to do. I ignored this photo when I first downloaded it as I didn't think it was anything special. I was much more interested in the zebras and elephants at the safari. But tonight, this image spoke to me and showed me where to focus, telling me what it wanted to be, willing it in a way. I like when I'm pulled in a particular direction and when the outcome is so satisfying.


Blogger Ghost Dog said...

I have GOT to learn me up some PhotoShop. Nifty.

Word verification: "zyadidli". Couldn't come up with an acronym, but it sounds so Ned Flanders-esque that I quit trying anyway.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Tom said...

The goat looks very thoughtful.

5:54 PM  

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