Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Reality Of It All

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I was really excited to see the elephants at Wildlife Safari. Tudeskii knows that I was just hopping up and down when I heard they had elephant rides while we were there. All through the park, I was thinking elephant, elephant, elephant! I wanted so badly to get up close and personal to one and get a really great photo.

The reality was far more boring and down right sad.

When we finally got thru the whole park and made our way to the elephant rides, I watched in horror as the same two animals paraded around in a tight circle with tourists riding their backs. The trainer made the animal stop and pose for pictures along the way. He would say "Rosie, trunk!" and she would lift her trunk up in the pose that you see here. I was so disappointed to see these beautiful creatures moved around like that. I don't know what I was expecting- as this is a safari park in the middle of Oregon- but I didn't realize I would be struck by their tedious and strained motions. I’m sure that they are treated quite well by their trainers but I was just let down by how dull the whole process seemed. I took several pictures but I just couldn’t capture what I had hoped to- a glimmer of wildness and excitement. They were bored by the activity of the day and it showed.


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