Friday, August 12, 2005

Seahorse Invitational

I had the chance to attend a swim meet out on the coast this past weekend. Unfortunately I was a bit too distracted and subdued that day for undisclosed reasons. I don’t feel that these photos are really part of my better work. Perhaps if I am invited again, I can get caught up in the spirit of the crowd and comfortably maneuver around the pool to gain some better vantage points. And yes, a telephoto lens would greatly improve my chances of capturing the action.

It was recommended that I not use a flash because it would distract the swimmers as they dove in. Unfortunately some of my pictures were a little blurry because if it. I spent a little too much time on these photographs trying to get them to pass for something acceptable. Oh well.

One thing I enjoyed watching was the reaction of the crowd to the young swimmers. Kids that swam a little slower received just as much support as did the kids that finished first. My impression was that many parents tend to take active roles throughout the whole affair from organizing fundraising efforts to setting up equipment and even announcing during the meet.

This father, in particular, had both his children in the meet and he has been part of their swim team for many years. Like many other adults at the meet, he appeared to be a genuinely proud father who encourages his children to be good athletes rather than solely focusing on being winners. His kids did wonderfully, with both surpassing several personal bests during the meet.

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Blogger Tudeski said...

In spite of any limitations you might've had at the time, it looks like you did a great job. You still got good action and scenes captured.

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