Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I Just Felt Like It

I was thinking about all the things that make me deliriously happy (and let me tell you that the list seems to never end), when it occurred to me that I've never sat down and actually thought about all the songs that I love. I overheard someone doing this today as they made a list of music to download for a road trip. There are so many great tunes that when I hear them while in the car or when I’ve stumbled across an old cassette tape (yes, I still have a few of those), I can't help but smile and hum along. Um, okay sometimes I just belt out the words like a moron if no one’s looking. I wanted to start an inventory of them today… well... just because I feel like keeping track of the pleasurable things in life.

1. John Lennon “Imagine”
2. Tori Amos “Precious Things”
3. Ani DiFranco “Superhero”
4. Janis Joplin “Me and Bobby McGee”
5. Beethoven “Symphony #5”
6. Bob Marley “Stir It Up”
7. Sarah Brightman’s version “Pie Jesu”
8. Etta James “At Last”
9. Chet Baker “My Funny Valentine”
10. Tori Amos “Icicle”
11. Patsy Cline “Crazy”
12. Britney Spears “Slave 4 U”
(Shut up. Just shut yer mouth. It’s my list, not yours. No snickering!!!)
13. Bob Marley “Guava Jelly”
14. Melissa Etheridge “Sleep While I Drive”
15. John Hiatt “Have A Little Faith”
16. Sophie B. Hawkins “Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover”
17. Sarah Brightman “Harem”
18. Ani DiFranco (live version) “Both Hands”
19. Charlotte Church’s version “Habanera”
20. Kenny Loggins’ “Danny’s Song”
21. Paula Cole "Feelin' Love"

The best songs ever created:

1. Santo and Johnny “Sleepwalk”
Classic. Haunting. Gives me shivers every time.

2. Van Morrison “Into the Mystic”
Ah.. like butter. This song makes me want to be a hippy chick, living on some communal farm with a large group family, a couple of braids in my red hair which flows freely down my back, doing some titillating belly dancing and making love under the twinkling stars. Mmmm.. yeah.

3. The Who “Teenage Wasteland”
It's really hard to listen to this song in the car when all I want to do is get up and dance around, slamming into things, beating on my chest and releasing lots of pent up passion.

4. Jimmy Buffet “Margaritaville”
I named my first major design project Margaritaville because it was an unusual vacation home set on the South Carolina coast. I wanted peace and quiet instead of the chaos and anger I experianced during that period in my life. Margaritaville was my happy place and the song is the perfect anthem.

5. Annie Lennox’s version “Waiting in Vain”
I was listening to Bob Marley this summer and I had heard Annie's rendition from the movie Serendipity but for some reason it took 3 months to connect the two as being the same song. I love Marley, but Annie wins with this version hands down.

And that’s pretty much in the perfect order too.


Blogger Alder said...

That's funny, I was humming "Imagine" just the other day. It's one of my favorites. And, yes, I am snickering.

10:34 AM  
Blogger Ghost Dog said...

Teenage Wasteland is one of my very favorite tunes. I'm not even mad that CSI:NY used it for their theme music.

7:17 AM  
Blogger punkindunkin said...

Someone always has to make a cutesy comment, don't they? ;)

I listened to ‘Slave 4 U’ last night and realized that it isn't much on its own. But add it to the incredible video and it's mesmerizing. So maybe the song isn't so much a favorite of mine, as is the video. Mmm....

In my rush to post yesterday, I forgot to add several songs to the list:

Dave Matthews Band “Crash”
Ben E. King “Stand By Me”
Al Green “Let’s Stay Together”
Tracy Chapman “Fast Car”
The Carpenters “Close To You”

Judging from the entire list, I think I’m a hopeless romantic. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing…

8:53 AM  
Blogger rebecca marie said...

this is bizarre. i could listen to music with you for until forever. i was going to say that anyway, but then i saw sleepwalker on the list. man-oh-man if that's not a good one. it is on joe satriani's latest album and i was a bit freaked before i listened, but he stayed soooo true. it just slightly crisper. oh, my beloved sleepwalker.

9:59 AM  
Blogger rebecca marie said...

i was so excited that i called the song the wrong thing. also, thank you for crediting the correct artist for that song... it get's misplaced sometimes.

the only song i'd have to add is come to my window.

10:01 AM  
Blogger punkindunkin said...

Yeah, Rb, I should have added good old Melissa Etheridge's "Come To My Window". It's an awesome song and a fantastic album.

It's one of those songs where I belt out the words and try to hold that one note near the end as long as she does.

10:12 AM  

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