Monday, November 14, 2005

My Favorite Model

© Punkin Dunkin Productions

© Punkin Dunkin Productions

© Punkin Dunkin Productions

I’m finding that I truly enjoy taking photographs of people in private and intimate settings. My favorite part is getting a subject to relax enough to where they forget about the camera. When that happens, I capture a more genuine representation of them on film.


Blogger Alder said...

Thank you for taking these photos. I really like them. I see myself in them--until you came along, I rarely felt that way about photos of me.

3:09 PM  
Blogger punkindunkin said...

Hmm… how much do you think I could charge when I start doing this for the public?

Personally, I would have paid just about anything a few years ago to have someone show me who I really am (and/or who I can become). Everyone deserves to see that beauty and potential of that beauty within themselves, to have a photo or a set of photos that captures their best sides and reveals who they truly are.

But I do need to make a living too so I can’t be giving this stuff away for free! Which reminds me Alder, the bill is in the mail and payment is due immediately upon receipt! ;)

5:22 PM  

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