Monday, November 07, 2005

There's a stylin' thin girl in here somewhere!

Hmm.... Is it weird that I want, nay, I MUST have these tights even though I'd have to buy a whole new outfit including shoes just for them? I've never had a love of tights before. Fat girls and hosiery usually have a mutual hatred for one another. We are sworn enemies, plain and simple. I swear when I was much bigger, if I could have run more than 10 steps in tights, I would have started a fire. I'm not kidding. Really, I'm not! Just ask any woman size 16 and over what she thinks of pantyhose and you'll get an earful. I promise colorful swear words will pepper the conversation too. But today, for some unknown and uncontrollable reason, I find myself wanting to jump enemy lines and get myself some sexy red tights. Hell yeah, baby!


Blogger rebecca marie said...

buy the tights. and? don't worry about wearing them with something that matches. red tights just demand to be WORN. just. worn. i've had great luck with a brand called hue from fred meyer. have created not a single fire in them.

11:50 AM  

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