Sunday, January 15, 2006

Yes, Virginia, there is life outside of television!

In December, my computer crashed and so I no longer had internet access from home. At first, it seemed like the end of my world. How could I stand it if I couldn’t post my photos, check email and surf all the blogs I wanted to? How was I supposed to get certain class assignments and pdf files that I would need for school? How could I go on breathing???

Well, somehow I survived.

Last weekend, my TV did something funky. After muting the Firefly marathon on Sci-Fi for an hour so I could chat on the phone, I hit the mute button once again and all I got was a static sound in return. The picture was crystal clear but there was no sound whatsoever. I cycled through the channels hearing only PBS coming in, punched a few random menu buttons and called my local cable company. I sat on hold for 5 or 10 minutes and then figured I’d call back later to get it resolved.

In the meantime how was I going to survive without my TV? No Sex and the City episodes back to back on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, no more Grey's Anatomy or Medium, no 15 minutes of music videos seen at 3am... what oh, what was I going to do??

Fast forward through a week without television and instead of calling to have it fixed, I called and canceled the internet and cable service all together.

This past week:

I had a great first week at school. All my classes seem manageable and tolerable. Without television, I can actually get my assignments done not only on time but even ahead of schedule.

I’m working my way through several books (The Dive from Clausen’s Pier, The Seat of the Soul, Blink, Under the Banner of Heaven, Orbiting the Giant Hairball). I haven’t read that much in years.

I’ve got my knitting stash cleaned up and out of the way of kitty paws and human toes.

I spent two mornings having breakfast in bed, listening to classical music on the radio. It’s a much more pleasant morning than screaming at the idiotic newscasters on the local TV stations. I absolutely hate the way they talk, pouting or squinting rather excessively during a piece on something negative and then rushing right through the “bad news” (stuff we really need to pay attention to) just to talk about some damn up and coming dog show or how much the weather sucks. And what’s with these entertainment segments threatening to take over half the broadcast of some news programs out there?

I’ve started listening to a couple of cds that I got over Christmas break: John Legend’s Get Lifted and James’ Blunt’s Back to Bedlam. Good stuff, good stuff. I’ve also fallen in love all over again with Joss Stone’s Soul Sessions.

I’m finally getting sleep! I now get to bed at a reasonable hour now without having to force myself to get up out of the sofa (that has molded its cushions to my butt cheeks) and regretfully turn off the big box with its comforting soft blue light and dancing shadows that keep me company.

I was nice to myself and ordered a subscription to Utne magazine with the money that I saved from not having cable this month. And I swear that it’s only by some weird coincidence that they have a feature on Polyfidelity this month. I did not see that when I ordered the subscription last week. But I’m sure pleased as punch.

So there you have it. My first week without television and somehow, somehow I survived.


Blogger Tudeski said...

That's wonderful! It's great to do alot of other activities that there normally wouldn't me time for because of TV and such. Bravo, I say!

10:03 PM  
Blogger Stacy said...

YAY for a week without TV. I'm not a huge TV person either.

I caught your comment over on a dear friends livejournal(Margorose) and I wanted to come by and tell you how excited I was to hear that you want to begin Belly Dancing. Go for it.
I'm just a shade under 200 pounds now, I started at about 215 when I took my first class.
I know there are some awesome teachers in OR. Swing by to scroll through teachers in your area. Check the websites and talk to them about your concerns.
I think you will find that it is something everyBODY can do.
I wish you all the luck in it.

Of course you can pop by my blog and ask questions too!

Much Luck!

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Herbert said...

As a tv addict perhaps I can help. Lost my tv 22 years ago. Since then I have missed out on so little. Yes, I scoffed when my gf called at ten am on 9/ll and told me to quit writing my novel and watch tv instead. At first I thought she was pulling me leg. Needless to say I kept on writing and listening to CDs till writing time was over, then at 5pm went to visit her. Then I took a couple days off from writing and watched tv all day long, catching the highlights.

Other than that eventful day I've not missed anything. Everybody has a tv; if I don't own a tv I still get enough of that crap to win at trivial pursuit, answering correctly most of the tv questions. Can't go anywhere where there's not a tv, except my humble abode where there are books and magazines. Reading blogs is more fulfilling than watching tv.

Current gf has five tvs. We like medium and gray's anatomy too!

God I hate tv; I love it too!

8:02 AM  

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