Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm Learning to Like Mondays

Well... kinda.

Actually, I've decided to start writing down something good that happens at the beginning of each week as a response to Ghost Dog's new TMG. I understand and empathize with his frustrations of shitty things that happen on Mondays that make the day that much worse. My initial reaction was to join in and bitch along.

But then I wondered, how easy would it be to find something nice about every Monday and would that do anything for my overall attitude? Because it's not hard to turn around in the cubicle and find myself face to face with a nasty coworker or have a customer cuss me out for not giving them 31 days to make their payment and consider it on time or even coming home at the end of a long day to a house full of dirty dishes, laundry, and soap scum, just waiting all night for my Bewitched powers to kick in. All that stuff just happens on a Monday, making it the suckiest sucky day of the week. So if I took just a few minutes and found a happy moment of my day to reflect on, could I turn the negativity of the start of the week around?

It’s worth a shot.

My happy moment was a late lunch consisting of Campbell’s Select Gold Label Butternut Squash soup. It was some damn fine stuff, regardless of what this guy says. Piping hot, it was a creamy, dreamy, affordable lunch that would have only been made better by some Snackwell’s cracked pepper crackers. And while there was that underlying unmistakable icky Campbell’s taste, it was only slightly detectible once the soup cooled down. For a few minutes on Monday afternoon, I forgot that I was stuck in a cheaply constructed cubicle, slaving away in a cheaply constructed office building, taking phone calls from customers that make me wonder how they even manage to get themselves dressed in the morning, waiting for the clock to strike the magical hour when I can rush home to my cheaply constructed apartment and have the convenience that comes from living in the wealthiest, yet most self absorbed country in the world to be able to watch the Oscar’s fashion recap on no less than three separate channels on some severely overpriced cable television. This little bowl of soup was the equivalent of some Calgon and I was happy to have it.

I suppose if I practice this exercise for several more weeks, I will eventually find more things about Monday to cheer about.

Let's hope so...


Blogger Ghost Dog said...

But...I...you...you can't...I mean...there's no being cheerful on Mondays!! :)

This is like the blogger version of an alley-oop or a set for a spike or some such.

7:31 AM  

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